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Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you♪

25 Things You Should Know About a Person With Anxiety


Anxiety is a disease that can be so (so so so) hard to explain. A lot of people feel anxiety is just a person being simply dramatic - we totally get why you think this but trust us, that is not the case. We haven't just broken a nail (something I'm not afraid to admit I would be over-dramatic about), our brain is trying to process hundreds of thoughts and scenarios in seconds and it hurts, sometimes literally.


Most people just don't get us, so I'm here with not 1 but 25 things we want you to know about us.


We Hope you enjoy & learn (and don't fall asleep reading) as always!


H xo


1. We're not just 'ditching' you, it's really hard for us to make plans. It doesn't mean we don't want to go, we just find it difficult to commit to a plan as it can make us anxious the thought of going somewhere.

2. When we say "I'm ok", 7/10 times we usually don't mean it. We just say it for an easy life and can at times be too scared to admit the problem, it makes it more real.

3. We can't just "snap out of it". So from me to you, never say this to a person with Anxiety.

4. We're usually too afraid to tell you how we truly feel as were terrified you'll push us away, laugh at us or judge us.

5. We don't have to look anxious to feel it. We can all hide behind a smile on our darkest of days.

6. We're nervous when talking to someone we haven't seen in a while or someone new, almost 100% of the time. Sweaty palms, shaky knees - so attractive!

7. We can actually be very positive people. Some people suffer from Anxiety without depression and can actually be very positive people. Our thoughts just sometimes cloud the good vibes.

8. Please don't feel offended when we don't want to go out. We like our own home comforts and our safe place.

9. We like to be alone but never completely. If you're in the one room and I'm in the other, perfect. Just don't leave us feeling so alone and isolated, our brain already does that for us (thanks Brain...)

10. We are so self conscious. We make self conscious people look confident...

11. If you're in our lives, you're there for a reason. Trust is a big thing for us.

12. We are exhausted, quite a lot of the time. The disorder sucks the energy out of us.

13. We get extremely overwhelmed... Extremely.

14. We do want to talk about it, we just need to know we can trust you.

15. We find it extremely difficult to just let it go (insert obligatory Frozen reference...).

16. We aren't always present.  Our wee anxious minds sometimes distract us from the moment.

17. It's not all mental symptoms, we have physical ones too.

18. Relaxing may help us relax but it doesn't take the anxiety away. Nothing will but time. Think how hard that sounds.

19. That feeling you get when you miss a step on the stairs or think you've left your phone on the bus... We experience that type of feeling multiple times throughout the day, for no specific reason. Now, think how hard that sounds. 

20. We do not need to have a reason to justify our anxiety.

21. Were very, very sensitive.

22. We are not attention seekers.

23. Some friendly, light hearted encouragement can help us have a more positive outlook.

24. We do not like it when non sufferers dissect our illness.  Unless you can shrink, travel into my brain and utilise my thought process - no commments thank you.

25. We still want to have a laugh and a joke. We're not as serious as you may think.  Were still human, we still make goofy jokes and laugh until it hurts - that, to me, is the most important to remember.

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you♪
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